Friday, September 16, 2011

Cara Membuat Grup di Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

Cara Membuat Grup di Blackberry Messenger (BBM) - Blackberry Messenger (abbreviated in all BBM) and 'the instant messaging application that are available on all terminals and RIM Blackberry that allows you to chat with friends and colleagues using BlackBerry data services. In addition to single chat between two people, you can create a group and chat simultaneously with multiple parties as well. Let's see how we proceed with a few simple steps to create a group. Readmore Cara Backup dan Restore Contact di Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

Open BBM and under " Blackberry Groups " will find the opportunity to create a new one. Select the option and we will be in the configuration screen of the new group, where we give an identifying name, a brief description and decide whether to leave to others the ability to make calls for new participants. As an administrator, we can also set a security password and we will also have the option of deleting the group

We can also change the icon by clicking on the default, select one of those that are presented to us. We perform now the rescue. We will with the main screen of the new group where you will logically only one participant: us. To invite new members selected "members" and click on "invite a new member"

We'll find three options to make the call: by email or pin, selecting the new member from those already present in the other chat, or by scanning the bar code of the new participant

When recipients have accepted the invitation, will appear in the "update group" and it will also update the number. Start pouring in at this point we can chat and our message will be read by each participant

Remember that with BBM can, in addition to the classic chat, make appointments, and especially sharing of images, where each participant can submit a review.


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